#SOTTO40 S01 E02

Pubblicato il: 2 December 2018

New ideas, new artisans, new exhibition event.

Sotto40 is an event reserved for young artisans, designers and creatives. All under 40, practically kids. Three days to show that craftsmanship is not just tradition, but knows how to look to the future. Sotto40 is also the philosophy that has always characterized LeArtigiane: proposing new ideas and unique objects, curated and destined to make a trend.


Spazio LeArtigiane, via di Torre Argentina, 72 a Roma (between Largo Argentina and Pantheon).


7-8-9 December 2018


Fashion, accessories, interiors Eventbrite - #Sotto40 - Secondo Episodio. Design e Creatività Young da LeArtigiane

#Sotto40 is also a social wall. Why don’t you take a look?


Sotto40. Meet the designers:


Raffaella Micciché (36 – Rome). Handicrafted bags with recycled plastic mesh base commonly used to fence the gardens.

Matilde Marianetti

Matilde Marianetti (24 – Rome). Handmade hats and headgear made with handicraft technique, which spread positive energy and taste for beauty.

Ma (filo) gia

Natascia Di Mora (34 – Rome). Intertwined reflections of a young designer who has moved to Rome two years ago. Natural fibers with particular attention to the welfare of the animals that produce them.

Ceramic Studio

Gaia Pagani (40 – Formello). Ceramic joys, made by an expert architect. A line of interior and home furnishings inspired by the Gaia Terra.


Marco Migliozzi (36 – Naples). Jewels from other times, not in design, but in realization. The artisanal techniques meet objects that have lost their original function, worn out by time, often forgotten.

Souhaite du Marais

Camilla Bellucci (24 – Rome). Born into a family of artists, lovers of painting, tailoring and fashion. In 2016 she began to create Christmas trees in felt entirely cut and sewn by hand, along with her mother.

Mad Design

Donato di Munno (33 – San Severo). Pret a porter collection and wedding dresses: simple and modern lines.

Romina Quadarella Couture

Romina Quadarella (36 – Rome). Stylist trained at the International Academy of Fashion and Costume Koefia. She creates high fashion items.

The Scarix

Marco Scaringella (27 – Rome). Creation of handmade jewels and design objects in moldable and silvered resin, silicone.