piatto travertino bianco
piatto travertinopiatto travertinopiatto pietra lavicapiatto travertino bianco

Travertine lava stone plate


Travertine lava stone plate.

Processing: entirely handmade.

Dimensions: diameter 35 cm ca.

Shape: round

Technique: sculptural processing of lava stone and travertine. The sculptor, craftsman and architect, carefully selects plastic materials to achieve what he calls “furniture sculptures”. A design element in which pure sculpture meets furnishing accessories and interior design.


Product Description

Travertine and lava stone plate made by Gino Casavecchia. Handmade in Italy with artisanal technique, each piece is different from the other. Dimensions: diameter 35 cm ca. Shape: round. Travertine, slate and lava stone plates are a must in our exhibition space and are combined with numerous other architect / craftsman creations: lamps, sculptures, coffee tables, pen holders, candle holders and other items also available in our space in via di Torre Argentina in Rome.
Gino Casavecchia was born in Rome in 1960. He attended the School of Art in Rome, plastic section. Following the courses of the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome. In the second half of the eighties he began to exhibit his first works, experimenting with various materials. In the nineties he also exhibited in many European countries, including France, Holland, Belgium. He exhibited in Spain during the Barcelona Olympic Games in 1992. Many orders were also received for the construction of public works. His craftsmanship takes the role of art, but also of furniture. This is how the so-called “furniture sculptures” are born, unique pieces in which Casavecchia redefines the interiors of Italian homes. Plates and other elements for the table and the mise-en-place are placed side by side with marvelous and imposing lamps and candlestick, always in slate, lava stone and marble. He also creates other important furnishing accessories: tables, chessboards, light sculptures that have a very different role – in addition to their typical function – within Italian environments and homes. The interiors of Gino Casavecchia are simple and functional, with few furniture, large rooms and well-defined spaces, in which the furniture designs live a direct link with the sculptures and vice versa, even if the representation and vision appear disconnected from each other.

Additional Information

Weight 2.00 kg
Dimensions 35 x 35 cm

Pietra Lavica, Travertino


Bianco, Giallo, Invecchiato, Nero, Rosso


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