Big Sized fabric Cactus


Big Sized Fabric Cactus.

Processing: entirely handmade.

Dimensions: height 76 cm, diameter to the pot 16 cm.

Color: different variations depending on the pattern.

Materials: sponge cloth, fabric.

Technique: Inspired by the sicilian skyline, these amazing plants do not need water, but can be cultivated through fun and a good positioning in the room. The artisan chooses fabrics from upcycling or recycling processes and combines them to make your cactus.

Product Description

Stuffed cactus handmade in Italy recycling and combining scraps of fabrics and upholstery, to furnish your home with joy and fun. Piante di Pezza (Fabric Plants) are born in Sicily from an idea by Elio Chiarenza. A Mediterranean passion for an element of the panorama of Southern Italy, a plant with very sweet fruits that enriches the natural architecture of the southern hills. Simple, thorny and clear forms that lend themselves to hosting: comics, patchwork, color patterns, refined and precious fabrics that have also furnished the FuoriSalone del Mobile in Milan and that, slowly, have begun to entertain and color the interiors of all Italian homes. Piante di Pezza are a must in our exhibition space, a design object that does not need water, but feeds on the fun it is capable of giving rise to within spaces and ideas.


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