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Pink Balloon Dress

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Pink balloon dress .

Processing: entirely handmade.

Size: one size.

Color: pink, flowery design.

Materials: The fibers used are Italian and carefully chosen. Wool, linen, organic cotton produced in Italy. African fabrics are purchased from an association, thus supporting women’s production and economy in Africa.

Technique: handmade tailoring. The artisans firmly believe in the circular economy, and use the inventories of the production of clothing to pack accessories. Clutches, brooches, buttons, cushions and woven tapestries.

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Product Description

Pink balloon dress in cotton and linen with flowery design made by Lavgon. The neck can be turned inside (ring-neck effect) or left loose. Size: One size. Available for purchase also at our exhibition space.
Lavgon is an all-female workshop of ethical creative tailoring fashion and craftsmanship. It was founded in Italy in 2004, where the entire collection is still thought of and realized today. Michela Cittadino and her two daughters, Lavinia and Carlotta, began with the exploration of artisanal techniques such as weaving and little by little they come to the creation of garments. With a careful selection of strictly Italian fabrics (Moessmer – Rubelli – Solbiati – Mantero – Lebenskleidung – Pauli), with the exception of African fabrics, purchased at the Burkinabé Watinoma association, Lavgon realizes sartorial works with natural fibers: wool, silk, hemp , linen and organic cotton. A search for lines and geometric shapes that are combined with a rigorous informal elegance. A line tfor women of all ages, as a result of the history of the costume, revisited and corrected for a functional and simplified style. Up-cycling is the last phase of production whose goal is to eliminate 100% waste. Upcycling is the basis in creating clutch bags, which have always been a distinctive feature of the brand, other accessories (brooches, sleeves, scarves, collars and pochettes), but also the whole line of interioris: the selvedges are woven to the frame and they become carpets, tapestries and cushions.


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