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Ceramic Earrings

Ceramic earrings.

Processing: entirely handmade.

Color variants:

  • orange
  • blue
  • burgundy
  • gray
  • green
  • purple

Other details: hypoallergenic metal button.

Technique: handmade ceramic processing. The artisan, specialized in ceramics, realizes her creations inspired by the color and elementary forms that create a unique whole of its kind.

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Product Description

Ceramic earrings made by Barbara Fanti. Anallergic metal button. Handmade. Available in different colors.
Barbara Fanti is an artisan from the province of Bologna specialized in the processing of ceramics for the creation of accessories and bijoux. The material is chosen and decorated by hand to add color and patterns. The modeling is done both freehand and through the use of molds. A ductile material that becomes resistant in cooking, one of the oldest manufacturing techniques. Ceramic can be processed with the hot or cold technique to obtain different effects. Jewels made of ceramics, elementary forms combined with energetic and fun colors that create a unique whole of its kind. 

Additional Information

Weight 0.005 kg

Arancione, Blu, Bordeaux, Grigio, Verde, Viola


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