orecchini argento e bronzo
orecchini argento e bronzo

Bronze Silver Asymmetrical Earrings


Asymmetrical silver bronze earrings.

Processing: entirely handmade.

Color: silver, bronze.

Other details: asymmetric, long and button earrings.

Technique: handmade with goldsmith’s technique by two Milanese hinterland artisans. The artisans create design jewels, inspired by the philosophy of Bruno Munari. Each piece is entirely handmade.


Product Description

Bronze silver asymmetrical earrings. Silver and bronze pendants with square and round figures, are asymmetric: one is pendant, the other is on the lobe. Handmade. Earth collection. Made with goldsmithing technique.
The creation of artistic jewels is a continuous investigation, playing with the shapes to always get new harmonies. So Monilidarte is inspired by Bruno Munari, and the famous quote that “A jewel is a precious object, a rare object, something that has a value and not always a price, something that has decorative and sometimes practical functions like the famous seals A jewel with decorative functions also has a cultural value, depends on the cultural level of those who designed it … What determines the value? The material or the intervention of the author? … There are paintings of great masters that are worth as jewels: if one of these were painted on silk instead of on canvas, would it be more? … ” Dania and Francesco, are two artisans who have a small workshop in Gerenzano, in the hinterland of Milan. After graduating from the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan, Dania starts creating jewelery. It will then be the meeting with Francesco, with his passion for working with metal and photography, to give life to Monilidarte. Lightness and synthesis are the characteristics that define the work of Monilidarte: a game of shapes between balance and dynamism, between the jewel and the body that wears it. As in nature there are no identical forms, in the same way the jewels are unique pieces. Monilidarte also realizes custom-made jewels: starting from the design, they create the jewel you want, putting at your service the experience and creativity of craftsmen.

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