collana calza diamantata

Macramè Swarovski Silver Necklace


Silver macramé necklace.

Processing: entirely handmade.

Colour: silver.

Materials: diamond sock.

Other details: inspired by the decorations of the 1200s.

Technique: macramé. In her workshop that she loves to define a small jewel tailoring, the artisan experiments with precious materials and ancient techniques. With macramé and lace, she makes all her accessories, necklaces and bracelets inspired by medieval lines and decorations.

Product Description

Macramè Swarovski Silver Necklace made by Marina Corona. Diamond sock in antique silver lurex thread and macramé knots. Hand made.
Leaves, flowers, swirls, geometric patterns inspired by the past. Marina Corona, with the brand Artigianarte, handmade jewelry with the technique of macramé and lace. Her inspiration is the past, in particular the geometries and lines of the 1200s. Aided by her work also with clothes of historical re-enactment, in reality Marina Corona carries out a research on ornamental arts and decorative motifs of frescoes, furnishings, product details in the Middle Ages. Shapes that remind rosettes, embroidery, arabesques can be found in the creation of jewelry and other entirely handmade accessories. A tailoring of jewelry, as she likes to define her workshop, in which she experiments materials and weaves. And then the knots of the macramé, which give life to always elegant and important creations. The creations of Marina Corona are available for purchase at our exhibition space.

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