ciondolo argento
ciondolo argento

Snake silver pendant


Snake silver pendant.

Processing: entirely handmade.

Dimensions: diameter 45.70 mm approx

Other details: string in black waxed cotton.

Symbology and meaning: the uroborus, the snake that bites its tail, is a symbol known in alchemy. It means eternal return, but also regeneration, cyclicity, change.

Technique: Goldsmith technique. The designers who create these jewels are part of a social inclusion project for the guests of the Psycho-Social Centers of Milan. The original group is a collective of Italian and Japanese creatives who, under the guidance of a Master of Goldsmith Art, create unique pieces and work in a School for the training of craftsmen.

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Product Description

Snake silver pendant. Silver pendant in circle with snake-shaped head and tail. String of black waxed cord. Handmade.
An old cliché says that in every artist there is a bit of madness … What if we trie to overthrow it? And if we think that in every psychic suffering there is a bit of genius? This is the bet of UrOburo, the goldsmith atelier: created in 2002 in Milan, ONLUS since 2014, the first goldsmith workshop that collects the creations of people affected by mental disability. Under the guidance of Davide De Paoli, sculptor, jewelry designer and teacher of Nuova Oreficeria, a project of social inclusion and artistic quality whose symbol is the uroboros. A snake that bites its own tail, known in the alchemic imagery, symbol of circularity, of cyclicity, of end that becomes a new beginning. For Ateliero UrOburo means re-circulating the creative forces of people through the improvement of their techniques and abilities: to activate a virtuous and supportive circle. The UrOburo Collective is formed by Emi Kato, Irene Marasco, Massimo Sciancalepre, Naoko Iyoda and Sara Progressi (since 2010). The creatives of the Collective have very different artistic formations and work the metals developing a design research started with their common master Davide de Paoli. Training at UrOburo has become a stable school for psychic sufferers and the public. It has been directed for years by Davide De Paoli (who is now 81 years old!) and now is directed by Margareta Niel, goldsmith and psychologist who preserves the fundamental characteristic of creative school, given by her predecessor.

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