bronze pendant

Four Square Bronze Pendant


Bronze pendant with squares.

Processing: entirely handmade.

Other details: waxed cotton cord.

Technique: goldsmith working. The artisan is inspired by the typical forms of Tuscan architecture and makes her jewels with the lost wax technique in her workshop in the province of Florence. Each piece is finished by hand, worked to complement the natural chiaroscuro.

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Four square bronze pendant Necklace with bronze and sand pendant. String of black waxed cord. Hand made.
For over 20 years she has been designing and making jewelery in limited series in the “Oro E.” workshop of Borgo San Lorenzo, in the province of Florence. Elisabetta Manetti‘s works are inspired by what surrounds her: Tuscan architectures and landscapes, natural shapes that she re-elaborates bringing them back to the jewels. The “classic” training of a goldsmith, from the Florentine school, allows her to use the various techniques learned over the years to create both unique and reproducible pieces in limited series. Use lost wax casting, a very useful technique for reproducing several pieces with low costs. Each piece is retouched by hand, finished and worked with care to make it virtually unique. The design part is certainly very important: to reach the result you imagine, you need to choose the best route. What is certain is that the bases of classical goldsmithery of the Florentine school are a good reservoir to draw from. Metal offers the possibility to create shapes and surfaces that stop over time, influenced by use and by environmental agents as they are not treated, making them lived, belonging to the wearer. Metal, like looking for a dialogue between shapes and colors, willingly combines other materials, more or less precious: semi-precious stones, precious, wood, sand, pearls, glass. A constant of the jewels that Elisabetta Manetti designs and realizes, is the worked surface, irregular, sometimes to become rough apparently in a random way.

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