Banjo Plexiglass Earrings


Any opportunity to adorn oneself is human, and accessories are an easy way to do it. – Marc Jacobs

Handmade accessories: from jewelry to bags, scarves and hats. Each accessory at LeArtigiane is carefully selected. Designs inspired by clean lines, modern and traditional techniques with a touch of glam and creativity. Materials of great consistency meet the idea and philosophy of unique artisanal visions.

All our accessories are designed and assembled everyday by italian craftsmen and women. We select the best and most beautiful in order to provide you a wide choice.

As you may know, when it comes to craftsmanship, each piece is unique and different from the other. This is actually the best characteristic for our products. Colours, realization, inspiration: everything can be personalized.
Come to our space in via di Torre Argentina, in the center of Rome: meet the artisans and design your ideal accessory. Otherwise you can have a look at our online shop and choose the piece you like the most.

What about a discovery through social media? Find out what you like on Facebook or Instagram and ask us how to purchase it!

Have you seen something that inspires you but would you like to change the color, personalize the shape, make it more fit to your style? Contact us via e-mail and make your request. Our artisans are always ready to make something unique, and your contribution can inspire them further.

Have you thought of pairing your accessories to other products to make a complete outfit? Ask us about our promotional initiatives.

Don’t forget to come and take a look: LeArtigiane are in via di Torre Argentina, in the very centre of Rome near Pantheon. Discover the special events in which you’ll find amazing accessories available in limited edition. We are waiting for you!

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