December under the skylight: choose Italian crafts for your Christmas.

Glow Creazioni: play without rules to create jewelry suitable for different personalities, to surprise and make unique and unconventional. Different techniques with different materials for bijoux to be discovered
Elena Murgia: creativity interweaving in handmade accessories. Colorful, versatile and comfortable bags, clutch bags and clutches.
Formae Gioielli: the splendid handmade works by Simone Ponte. Hand-painted necklaces, earrings, bracelets and accessories in wood and metal.
Annalisa Queen: very young, born in 1987, she started designing clothes at the age of 10. After years of study and specialization, working side by side with an expert seamstress, she began to create collections inspired by elegance and focused on a pop and fun spirit.
MOLINO 7CENTO from Cori (LT): fragrances, flavors and colors of the Pontine countryside welcome you at the entrance of our space. A story of love for the land that never stops, a dream tied to the rhythm of nature and seasonality, which gives oil, wine, fruit and saffron.
Filogiro by Sara Fradiani: with a collection inspired by the lifeblood and all that gives creative and vital energy in nature.
sisterandsisterbijoux: unconventional jewelry and accessories made with an eye for feminine elegance, carefree, in search of ever-versatile materials. Daniela Venturini is now a habitué of our space. If you do not know it: make jewelry, torchon, scarves and accessories with Italian fabrics, semi-precious stones and recycled elements. But also earrings, bracelets, brooches and much more!
Silvia Palombi: produces clothing and accessories with the crochet technique. Gloves, hats, ponchos, hoods and many other wool creations.
JAJO MadeinItaly: Rosario Migliaccio imagines a man and a woman who are transformed during the day. Outfits and reversible suits, which change declination during the day and which are transformed into a few, simple gestures. All in technical fabric and pure wool. And then genuine leather accessories, bags that change from shoulder to shoulder bags or backpacks, all in a few steps.
Monèart: Maurizio Cignitti, with his rings and pendants in aluminum, metal and bronze. Designed and manufactured with extreme care for details, Maurizio’s jewels are very recognizable: to the series of rings and earrings that can be personalized with dogs, marine creatures are added, as well as visions of the eternal city. For those who love Rome, Maurizio creates pendants that faithfully reproduce in every detail the dome of St. Peter’s Basilica and the Colosseum. But there are also rings inspired by the ancient history of the city, which set the porphyry of the sampietrini. Customizable creations for a craft creation in continuous ferment.
Nodi d’Arte: Master of Art, Beatrice Colabianchi creates with the traditional knotting techniques of Macramé: beautiful jewels made with innovative materials, such as titanium filigree in silver bath or linen; and then pearls, semi-precious stones and sparkling elements. Among his creations also a line completely inspired by Etruscan history and art, Byzantine-inspired earrings and much more.