A corner dedicated to beauty crafts and productions.

Inspired by the experience of our Bella di Natura event and the Open Day for Natural Cosmetics, LeArtigiane’s beauty corner is a space in which exhibitions of craft creations linked to the world of self-care and beauty alternate. Creams, scrubs, lotions, perfumes made by Italian artisan companies with natural ingredients. Courses, workshops and opportunities to experiment with your own hands, learn more about the raw materials, learn how to mix them and how to use them for each type of need and skin. In our beauty corner you can find:
La Clinica del Mare: Dead Sea salts and a generational wisdom for cosmetic products with purifying and moisturizing properties. Since 2015, Dr. Rosentwig Rivka has brought them to Rome, both in purity and in various formulations. Creams, serums and cosmetics ready to give new life to your skin.
Discover the products with Dead Sea Salts and the beneficial properties of flowers and fruits. Exhibit during the event Women of Flowers in our space: – Rose, which restores vitality thanks to its toning and revitalizing properties, in the tonic, shampoo and cleansing milk – Macadamia in body cream, shampoo, hair cream. Fights free radicals and gives shine and vigor. – Pomegranate, rich in vitamin C, phenols and antioxidant action, in the face and eyes serum.
Cosmesi Naturale: cosmetologists and biologists: Stefania Alessandroni, Emanuela Rosola and Valeria Cartoni will teach you to read the ingredients of cosmetics, the best raw materials and will share with you recipes for beauty exclusively based on natural and eco-sustainable ingredients. Discover the Courses:   Baby Natural Cosmetics