The spring event under the skylight. Creations chosen inspired by the world of flowers and nature, with very welcome returns and new entries to be discovered. Hanging gardens, natural prints on fabric, paper creations that revive the taste and style of interiors, fashion and creativity. And then laboratories, live demonstrations, artisans at work for customizations and to show you the creative process and processing techniques. Who to meet:
Lorella Dotti. Calligrapher and creative with paper, the material that acts as a guide for his illustrations and customizations. Lorella Dotti combines words and material to create objects that touch the soul’s strings through poetry.
Claudia Riva. Creates hanging gardens with moss and bonsai, perfect for transforming environments and to create a small vertical forest in your home. A corner of greenery, nature to caress.
Nerina Ricci. Embroidery artist, creates accessories and bags with printed fabrics naturally and with floral subjects.
Maria Clara Giurgola. A creative workshop that revolves around the use of felt and textile materials, to create unique pieces to wear.
Like all LeArtigiane events, entrance is free and the exhibition will take place on the top floor of our exhibition space. But don’t stop there. A selection of products from our artisans to discover in the space:
Cartapietra is an Italian patent on a very curious material. A “reinforced” papier-mâché, which becomes a sculptural material for furnishing. Collections inspired by time and life, with floral motifs and with a sense of inspiration.
Romallegra: porcelain hand-painted by Romana Venanzoni. A series of unexpected views of Rome, from the Appia Antica to Piazza di Spagna, an unusual skyline that tells much more about the Eternal City. Look for infusion cups and mugs with aromatic herbs. Laurel, juniper and many others to discover.
Riccardo Marzi: from the combination of natural elements with a special resin, everyday objects are born. Centerpieces, trays, photo frames, and furnishing elements in which nature shines through in all its beauty, where every color and nuance wants to reproduce and stigmatize the alternation of the seasons.
Amàno by Cinzia Mauri: a very special technique for creating incredible jewels. Wear a photograph: macro details that are transferred to wood and combined with silver and metals, brave colors and photographic stories of natural photographs are transferred to wood.
Martino Vertova: experiments with materials such as platinum, gold and grit that form veins, abstract designs and refined shades of color in the glass. His is a unique technique, which produces small air bubbles in which the captured light is refracted. Thus, objects in glass fusion that enchant with refinement are born: vases, dishes, ampoules whose beauty is timeless.
Piante di Pezza: they are cute, funny, different from one another and Sicilian. Unique pieces that reinterpret the Mediterranean vegetation, in which the Fico d’India prides itself on comics, baroque tapestries, pop art motifs, geometric patterns. Look for them, in three different sizes: small, medium and large!
Lavgon: a tailor-made ethical fashion laboratory, which produces all its production following the principles of upcycling and circular economy, using fabrics from farms and ethical crops, with a selection from the Spring / Summer collection entirely floral.
Tessuti Manomessi is an artisan reality that works with the recovery of remnants and parts of fabric, reused in the creation of accessories. Flower-shaped necklaces, bracelets and brooches.
Elena Giustozzi: porcelain and precious metal inserts for delicate jewels inspired by nature. Flowers, leaves and butterflies in movement that become earrings, rings and bracelets.