Showroom/Workshop/Exhibition Area

Are you an artisan, a creative, a designer? Would you like to exhibit your work? We've created different solutions for exhibition and selling. We've been promotion artisans and designers since 2010 in our space in the center of Rome. Between piazza di Torre Argentina and Pantheon, under a luminous skylight, a pace for creating and handmade in Italy. Showroom Area Workshop Area Events Exhibition Choose the solution which fits your design and your necessities at best. We're always looking for new visions and creativity. Contact us via e-mail and send pictures and a short description of your creations. Come and visit the space. Choose your area and prepare to meet your clients!

Promotional price until October!

leartigiane-area-workshop    leartigiane-area-workshop    leartigiane-area-soppalco-lucernario

leartigiane-area-showroom-soppalco    leartigiane-area-showroom-soppalco    leartigiane-area-soppalco-arco

leartigiane-area-soppalco-lucernario    leartigiane-area-showroom-soppalco    leartigiane-area-soppalco-lucernario

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