Insegnante: Caterina Giannottu - Gtt

Fabric printing workshop. Along with eco-printing, this year LeArtigiane hosts courses based on paper and printing! The oldest techniques of hand printing with wooden matrices date back thousands of years and are spread all over the world. In this workshop you will learn the basics of printing with matrix on fabric and you will try to create personalized shopper, placemats or scarves, personalized with matrices in wood and linoleum. Caterina Giannottu has created the dress that you can admire in our exhibition space in Via di Torre Argentina and the settings for the Women of Flowers event. Passionate about paper, print, graphics and visual arts, she deals with engraving, illustration and graphics. From LeArtigiane proposes a workshop path based on the ancient techniques of manual printing on paper and cloth. The linoleography is a technique of direct printing, of images and graphics on paper, cardboard or cloth through the use of a matrix obtained by engraving from a portion of linoleum. The matrix can be used to print several copies of the project, until it is worn out, so it can be used for numerous runs.
All materials included in the price. Booking is mandatory. Register for this workshop HERE. For more information and reservations: info@caterinagiannottu.com

Costo: 35 €