Insegnante: Elettra Porfiri

Base oil painting workshop The course involves tackling oil painting from the basics with a 2-hour weekly lesson, then venturing into personal insights into naturalistic nuances. Light, color, shadows, transparencies, incarnation, fabrics, jewels and veiling. With this workshop you will learn the fundamental techniques working on a personal project: from the preparatory drawing to the color, up to the realization of your painting. Your artistic experience will take place under the guidance of Elettra Porfiri: an artist of drawing, with an artistic, photographic, graphic, restoration background involving important works, such asrealization of the façade of the Modern Art Gallery in Rome. A personality in constant search for a full form of expression, which firmly believes in the power of painting as a composition of color, design, but above all sensations and emotions. Hence the sharing of her pictorial technique with the students: the pictorial drawing path develops in groups, confronting each other, to develop greater security and awareness of your own painting and drawing. You can take different cues of others and with a cheerful atmosphere everything becomes very simple and pleasant. One of the must-haves from LeArtigiane, which fills the exhibition space with easels, colors and brushes. Information and reservations: teacher Elettra Porfiri 392 230 9098

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Costo: 70,00€ - 200,00 € €