Insegnante: Carlotta Bellucci

Creating a digital pattern starting from a drawing, a painting or a photo.
Carlotta Bellucci was born in Rome in a family of artists. Father with a passion for painting, mother passionate about decoupage, grandmothers with tailoring experience and uncle with an expertise in leather goods. She grew in an extremely prolific artistic and manufacturing environment. Thanks to her family, she approaches the world of art and begins her graphic design studies and at the same time she attends the National Academy of Dance in Rome. She graduated in Industrial Design, and later specialized in the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome in Fashion Design. From her two passions she begins a professional career that takes her to London and Paris. And above all Opéra is born, a sartorial brand that brings together all the expertise of Carlotta. From the creation of patterns to the garment, a world that defines fashion for the modern woman.
Duration of the Course: 7 hours
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Costo: 40,00 €