Insegnante: Fabio Bordi

An immersion in the world of the Ancient Roman marble Mosaic. A unique handmade creation, with a strong roman identity. With this workshop you will realize your souvenir in the heart of the historical center of the Eternal City. A trip in the ancient Rome that starts with the sketch and design of the subject. Through the use of small to plot of multicolor marble and of special pliers, mosaics will be mounted on cement mortars supports (about 20×20). A real work of Roman art that you can bring you anywhere in the world.
The Roman mosaic is characterized by geometric motives and stylized forms inspired to the nature and the roman iconography.. Arabesques, iconic locations in the city or creations in Roman style, mosaics are made putting together small tiles until composing one original sketch. Realized with material such as glass ormarble, the mosaic soon became a characteristic element of the Roman decoration. Integral element of every environment, it tells different stories according to the creativity of the author and its position in the room: showy colors or monochrome choices change its expressive strength. A fundamental component of the Latin history and culture, a meticulous job and of great care both in small decorations and in majestic works.
Three hours workshop. For further information and booking: Register for this workshop HERE.

Costo: 60€ €