Insegnante: Eugenia Lecca, Alice Ruschena

Advanced Kokedama: make your suspended bonsai! A must of the green here from LeArtigiane: bonsai plants, housed in a ball covered with moss. In the advanced course we will talk about seasonality and composition: with the basic techniques learned in the entry course, more complex kokedama will be realized. Kokedama is the new infectious fashion that comes from the East. Literally green beads, suspended in the void and without vase, which adorn the interior and exterior spaces according to an ancient technique. Legend has it that a poor farmer, unable to afford to buy pots for his plants, wrapped its roots with moss and stared at it with string; grown up, she arranged them on a plate so that everyone could admire them. This is how a trend of interior design is born, which, together with vertical decorations and moss, is increasingly in vogue in design environments. Magic gardens suspended at home, original centerpieces for a special dinner, but also a unique gift idea with a green heart. A course created by our favorite green designers: Laborviridis is the green idea of ​​Alice Ruschena and Eugenia Lecca: all that is green under our skylight is their work! Duration 1h / 30 approximately, minimum 8 members, reservation required. Cost: € 30.00 per person, the materials are included in the price. Register for this workshop HERE. For info: cell. Eugenia Lecca 348 7733212 – Alice Ruschena 339 3839407  

Costo: 30 €