Insegnante: Decolab

In this intensive workshop the participants will learn the techniques of realization of the Faux Marble, one of the fundamental themes of pictorial decoration. The technique of the Faux Marble was born around 1500, although this technique was born as a fallback, replacing the real marble, its development was fast and soon became a decoration in its own right. The fake marbles (or marbling) are used for the realization of objects (boxes, lamps, stuccos, trays, etc.), for the wall decoration (plinths, balustrades, boiserie, overlapping, trompe l’oeil, etc.) furniture (tables, tops, furniture, etc.). During the course, samples will be made on wooden panels of different types of marble (vein marbles, breccia marbles, granites, etc.). The course is open to all creative and passionate pictorial decoration, even beginners. Duration of the workshop: two meetings of 3 hours each. Individual participants’ kit: Appropriate coat or clothing, 1 medium-sized flat brush (for the preparation of the base with color). At the disposal of the participants, in addition to the drawings, panels decorated as demonstration samples, glossy sheets for dusting, plastic containers, material for the preparation of the bottom of the panels, sandpaper, thinners, gloves, sponges, polished wax, wooden board, colors and brushes. Portfolio Decolab to be viewed on request by writing to decolab.16@gmail.com Contact the teacher: +39 3332847695 Register for this workshop HERE.

Costo: 100,00 € €


10:00/13:00 - 16:00/19:00