Insegnante: Grazia Bambino

Eco-printing kids. An activity for both children and young people (but don’t worry: the more difficult tasks, like cooking the ingredients, will be carried out by the instructors). Dyeing fabrics and t-shirts is a very interesting, educational and satisfying pastime. However, it’s a slow craft and does take some time. This will be an excellent opportunity to teach children that nature provides natural dyes and colours, and we can extract those colours to use in our food and our art. Each ingredient we use will create a different colour, depending on the fabric we dye. The process will be broken down step-by-step, and you can take notes of this process on cards, notebooks, diaries, or recipe books. You can even attach a sample of the coloured fiber to each one. What would a child like to make? You can dye t-shirts, lace, or even strips of fabric to create a flower for hair, headbands, or sandals. The creation will stay forever, as long as it’s dyed on 100% cotton. Since some dyes in nature are irritating or toxic, we will only be using dyes obtained from edible, readily available ingredients including:
  • sage + rosemary
  • onion skins
  • red cabbage
  • teabags
  • coffee grounds 
We’ll be dyeing cotton, wool, and silk—each fabric creating a new result. By Grazia Bambino, an eco-friendly laboratory that strives to discover natural dyeing techniques. Eco-Printing is an artistic, creative, “green” technique to create original and completely sustainable prints on fabric. The workshop includes an introduction and a printing workshop for children, lasting approximately three hours. The fee for participation in the workshop includes cards, materials, colours and small samples of wool and fabrics. Max. 6 participants, reservations required. Info and reservations: Grazia Bambino 393 001 2058 – Register for this workshop HERE.

Costo: 25 €