Insegnante: Grazia Bambino

Advanced eco-printing course. Requirements: have attended the basic eco-printing course. Maximum number of participants: 6 Eco-Printing is a “green”, artisan and creative technique, to create original and completely sustainable prints on fabric, based on the extraction of natural pigments directly from leaves, berries and flowers. The workshop will include an introduction and a printing workshop on natural fabrics such as cotton, linen, silk and wool. Through the aid of flowers, leaves, berries, barks and roots wisely linked to the fabric, the dyeing plant remains indelibly etched on the fabric … these prints / prints will, over time, continue to talk to us about its beauty, showing us its veins and its usual colors. During the II level you will learn new alternative etchings, composition techniques, how to obtain sharp and detailed prints, new dyeing techniques. For the complete program, contact the teacher directly
Dates May 26 June 9
Info and reservations: Contact the teacher Grazia Bambino 393 001 2058 –  

Costo: 130 €