Insegnante: Caterina Giannottu

Create your travel journal! Are you a traveler, a wanderlust? If the photographs are not enough for you, but you want to personalize the story of your trip, there’s a new hand-made trend for you. The travel diary is the tool of story par excellence: Hemingway wrote on an agenda by the sea, Picasso gave free rein to his creative power on a notebook: you can tell your trip with a hand-made diary and hand-printed ! Caterina Giannottu has created the dress that you can admire in our exhibition space in Via di Torre Argentina and the settings for the Women of Flowers event. Passionate about paper, print, graphics and visual arts, she deals with engraving, illustration and graphics. From LeArtigiane proposes a workshop path based on the ancient techniques of manual printing on paper and cloth. In this workshop you will be accompanied to explore also the bookbinding, through the creation of a diary / briefcase in paper, light and handy, completely customizable. To collect every stimulus from travel and holidays, but also to explore our fantastic city. Spaces for business cards, addresses, maps, transport tickets and information. Techniques of the “midori folder” and artisan binding for the realization of the notebook inserted inside. Cover and tech decoration in stencil, printmaking (linoleum, artgraf, wood) or collage.
Materials included in the price. For more information and reservations:
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Costo: 30 €