Insegnante: Architorta

Create your personalized cupcake! Art and design come fully into the Italian culinary tradition, and even associations, restaurants and simple enthusiasts organize themselves accordingly, to learn the main techniques to enrich the dishes with a touch of panache and make them more beautiful to the eye. Architorta provides its professionalism and creativity at the service of the customer and organizes courses for the preparation of cakes, which combine the exquisiteness of a product made with natural and genuine ingredients the charm of an imaginative and original design. A team of experts that gives life to moments of union and sharing where to meet, exchange tips and learn the secrets to design successful cakes. Here the patron can immerse himself in a magical atmosphere where the dessert is at the center and where the best Italian cake designers display their imaginative creations and organize exhibitions and courses aimed at an audience of various age groups. With Architorta, anyone will be able to prepare sumptuous sweets for a special ceremony or gathering. In the course of two hours, 4 different cupcakes will be made based on polystyrene. Each object that will be reproduced will be explained in detail and executed entirely by hand without using stencils. The price of the course includes: – Illustrated Journal with the most suitable recipes and the secrets for a successful cupcake – Styrofoam bases to decorate -Material for processing (made available) -Certificate of attendance At the end of the course it will be possible to bring home the cupcakes! You can also ask for the shabby chic version! For info and costs: Register for this workshop HERE.