Insegnante: Giovanna Marciano

Have you ever wanted to learn to sew with someone to share your passion with? You can do it with the Sartoria Italiana sewing course, during which you will learn in a simple and suitable way for all the basics of cutting and sewing. Topics and techniques: – the sewing machine stitches – union of fabrics – notions on fabrics – basic notions on paper patterns – positioning of the pattern on fabric and cut – practice For the realization of one or more garments to choose from: – skirt – trousers – shirt The course For the realization of a complete garment a cycle of 4 meetings of 3 hours each is foreseen. These are not preparatory courses: you can choose to make even one garment, following the creation from beginning to end to learn all the basic sewing techniques.   Register for this workshop HERE.  

Costo: 150,00 €