Insegnante: Caterina Giannottu - Gtt

Cyanotype: postcards, bookmarks, ex libris. Caterina Giannottu has created the dress that you can admire in our exhibition space in Via di Torre Argentina and the settings for the Women of Flowers event. Passionate about paper, print, graphics and visual arts, she deals with engraving, illustration and graphics. From LeArtigiane proposes a workshop path based on the ancient techniques of manual printing on paper and cloth. In this workshop you will learn the basics of cyanotypic printing (from cyan, ie “light blue”): ancient method of photographic development, with this technique it is possible to create original artistic products such as bookmarks, postcards, ex libris. Cyanotype is a basic technique that allows you to easily create photoimpressions on paper. During the workshop you will be able to choose the card you prefer, and to experience the photoimpression with natural exposure. Materials included in the price. Register for this workshop HERE. For more information and reservations:

Costo: 30 €