Insegnante: Caterina Giannottu

Caterina Giannottu has created the dress that you can admire in our exhibition space in Via di Torre Argentina and the settings for the Women of Flowers event. Passionate about paper, print, graphics and visual arts, she deals with engraving, illustration and graphics. From LeArtigiane proposes a workshop path based on the ancient techniques of manual printing on paper and cloth. In this workshop you will make a maximum of 5 illustrated and original postcards of Rome on vintage paper, through the handcrafted printing of matrixes already realized according to the classic techniques of printmaking (linoleum, artgraf, wood) or diorama and pop-up. Creation and printing by hand, cutting and mounting a postcard box. If you’re thinking of an illustration, a freehand drawing, or a stencil – or in color, brushes, felt pens, pastels – you’re not that far from the idea! Illustration is the basis of any printing technique, but not only. In a world increasingly used to exchange images via smartphone, there are those who have the courage to return to good, dear postcards: unique and customizable visions that can be created by hand. But not only. A workshop in which to learn the technique of printing by hand, and who knows: today are the postcards, tomorrow you could customize greeting cards, invitations, bookmarks, but also fabrics and much more!
All equipment is included in participation fee. Info and booking: info@caterinagiannottu.com
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Costo: 30 €