Insegnante: Ana Romana Giorgini

Still paper, this time papier-mâché! With Caterina Giannottu we put our hands in paper for this second workshop: together with the artist and craftswoman you will learn how to make with your own hands, recycling paper, furniture items such as trays, empty pockets, coasters. Paper mache is a technique, before a material: it is obtained by using recycled paper and vinyl glue, together with water. The result is a ductile material, to be modeled, with excellent sculptural performance. With this workshop you will learn how to prepare the material and work, to create furniture objects with simplicity. Caterina Giannottu is always present when we speak of paper: a pioneer in the processing of the material, she realizes accessories and furnishings with carefully selected paper or recycling newspaper sheets. Famous for her creations with this very material: baskets, flower vases, objects and much more made weaving the paper as if they were wicker. A unique technique that led her to exhibit all over the world. Today Caterina Giannottu also creates earrings and also deals with printing on fabric. Workshop will be composed by two scheduled appointments: first date will be November 16th, the second one will be decided with participants during the first lesson. Booking required. Info, reservations and contact: 06 68309347- Register for this workshop HERE.

Costo: 25 €