Insegnante: Paola Mattioli

During the workshop the student will receive all the theoretical and practical knowledge to create a unique pendant, modeling and combining two different materials together: art clay silver and polymer clay. Working with art clay silver, the innovative technique of gold jewelery with 999 silver paste, you can have the freedom to design a pendant and a bezel in the shape you like best and to insert a fake stone cabochon in polymer clay. Reproducing, in fact, in polymer clay a fake precious stone you will have the advantage of creatively deciding the size and shape of the bezel instead of adapting the bezel to the stones available on the market. Technique of working with the art clay silver Design and implementation of the pendant Setting up the setting Implementation of the rear hook texturing Sanding Cooking Finishing (polishing, oxidation) Polymeric paste processing technique. Study of the color and construction technique of the fake stone to be created Modeling and realization of a polymer paste cabochon Setting the cabochon on the silver pendant Cabochon finish (hand polishing without use of protective varnishes) For the creation of the jewel 10gr of Art Clay silver paste and the polymeric paste necessary to make the cabochon will be used. All the materials needed to make the pendant will be provided by the teacher. The jewel created, at the end of the course can be worn and remain at the student. SIGN UP HERE or contact the teacher Paola Mattioli 347 6110846 or write an email to Register for this workshop HERE.

Costo: € 120,00 €




10:00 - 17:00