Insegnante: Paola Mattioli

ART CLAY SILVER EARRINGS IS THE WORKSHOP FOR YOU! CREATE YOUR EARRINGS. Design and create your 999 silver earring! During the course you will learn how to make two different pairs of earrings, one pendant with a hoop and one with a lobe with a pin. Under the guidance of the certified art clay silver teacher, you will start from the design and the choice of shapes and textures, then move on to the practical realization of your earrings in pure silver with the shapes you like most. 10g of Art Clay silver paste will be used to make the earrings. The created pendant will naturally remain to the student. Art Clay Silver is a metal paste (Metal Clay) composed of a pure silver microparticle powder mixed with water and a non-toxic organic binder. Giving shape to your imagination and following particular precautions, can be worked and shaped like clay and, after cooking (in an oven, with a torch and in some cases even on the stove in the house), will give life to a shining jewel in pure silver .999.      

Costo: 120,00 €