Insegnante: Paola Mattioli

FREE YOUR FANTASY WITH THE NEW JAPANESE JEWELERY TECHNIQUE ART CLAY SILVER BASE Creating a jewel with precious metals is now truly within everyone’s reach. With Art Clay Silver, the new material that has changed the world of craftsmanship, thanks to the precious advice of the certified teacher Paola Mattioli, it will be possible to create jewelry in a short time without using sophisticated equipment. Art Clay Silver is a metal paste (Metal Clay) composed of a pure silver microparticle powder mixed with water and a non-toxic organic binder. Giving shape to your imagination and following particular precautions, can be worked and shaped like clay and, after cooking (in an oven, with a torch and in some cases even on the stove in the house), will give life to a shining jewel in pure silver .999. FIRST LEVEL, BASIC COURSE During the basic course you will learn to realize 3 projects of increasing difficulty: filigree ring, pendant and pendant. All materials are included in the cost of the course and the jewels made will remain with the student. Duration of the course: 8 hours. Number of participants: up to 5 To be able to take part in the course, a reservation is required a few days in advance. Register for this workshop HERE.  

Costo: € 250,00 €