Insegnante: Grazia Bambino

The creative approach to watercolours allows us to free ourselves and give free rein to drawing and colors. It allows you to experiment and have fun, without too many rules but following your own emotions and style. With this spirit, and in total creative freedom, kids will be using unconventional materials such as leaves, seeds, shells, sand, beads to enrich the funds and textures … and bring magic to paper. A course designed to learn the basic techniques, in particular on materials, colors, glazes and shades, but also dry and wet techniques. The small participants will be offered a kit for creativity that includes brushes, colors, paper and canvas. For the rest it will be the fantasy to guide the activities, together with the experience of Grazia Bambino. Elementi Naturali is her project, based on the philosophy of attention to nature and the use of colors and other natural elements such as berries, flowers and leaves for printing, pattern creation and decoration. Register for this workshop HERE.

Costo: 25,00 €