LEARTIGIANE: 18 years of press in a page!

Blogs, travel guides, TV, newspapers: relive our story through the years and the articles. 

2019 Natural Beauty. Creams, oils, soaps and other secrets.

TPI: Bella di Natura: il 9 e 10 febbraio l’evento a Le Artigiane

Roma Artigiana e Creativa: Bella di Natura

Meteoweb: From snail to saffron, opportunity with nature cosmetics From snail to saffron, opportunity with nature cosmetics

2018 Rome, in Torre Argentina young artisans and designers for Sotto40 Il Sole 24 Ore: Sotto40, in Rome, space for young artisans and designers TGR Lazio: Sotto40 TPI: Sotto40, the event reserved for young artisans, designers and creatives Adnkronos: Under40, young creatives in Rome RomaTre Radio: Kunt, alien looks on Rome Affaritaliani: Fashion, creativity and design. The run of the under 40 artisans starts from Rome RomaToday: Sotto40, creativity and young design by LeArtigiane _____________ Three days dedicated to flowers Libero Quotidiano: Rome: Color weekends with ‘Women of flowers’ Rome Tre Radio – KUNT: Interview with Livia Carchella Trovaroma, May 24th TPI: A weekend dedicated to women and flowers Artisan and creative Rome: women of flowers Radical Radio: Second Stage of the Rousseau City Lab – Livia Carchella 2017 Radio Rai 1 – Vittoria – Women and web Italian Internet Festival: 30 years of .it, Pisa, October 8th Corriere della Sera – LeArtigiane and the e-commerce that wasn’t there, July 21 Rete4 “Parola di Pollice verde” – Midorj, July 15

Rete 4 “Parola di Pollice verde”- Laborviridis and its lab, June 17th

wwworkersCamp Italian Chamber of Deputies, June 8th 

Millionaire, May

Metro, Networking artisan women, March 22


Riddle Magazine: Rome’s Fine Fashionable Crafts

GP Magazine, May: Le Artigiane

Dailygreen: Le Artigiane, a new concept of sustainable fashion

Wonder Where to Stay: Le Artigiane – Art and Craftsmanship

Economy and Management Thesis: Craftsmanship and responsible consume habits. Case Study: LeArtigiane


The Sunday Time, Travel, dicembre: Have passport, will shop Contemporary art in artisanal places: Takeawaygallery and Le Artigiane

Delicious Italy: A Christmas Shopping Itinerary in Rome

DOVE: year 25, n.5 may 2015

Eating Italy. Travel Guide and Blog Eating Italy Food Tours: How to Have an Authentic Italian Experience


Lonely Planet: page 15, 55, 113 of the Rome Guide. And online.

Newton Compton: 365 unforgettable days to live in Rome. Discover the everyday beauty of the Eternal City, by Fiore Coltellacci Giulia

IO Donna, Roma: Holiday Agenda

Un sardo in giro: Christmas Gifts: where to buy in Rome

Radio Colonna: Le Artigiane. A space for italian artisanal products. Craftsmanship, creativity and enterprise

Golconda Arte: Rome – Le Artigiane, a women’s showroom 

Delicious Italy: Le Artigiane, Italian Crafts Showroom, Rome

Il Messaggero, March 28th: A private stando of Made in Italy for Obama’s Presidential Delegation

Love Rome: Craftsmanship: between modern and tradition


Go 2 Rome: Art of shopping in the Capital: artisanal labs and innovative ateliers 

Find Roma: Le Artigiane

Japan Italy Travel: レ・アルティジャーネ Le Artigiane

La Repubblica, July 9th: Women enterprises in Italy Artistic Recycling, exhibit and web contest

NegOziando: A guide to the best 500 shops in Rome, between Pantheon and piazza Navona

Ninja Marketing: 10 times business – creatività issue: the heritage of 2012

Look like a model by Tamara D’Andria: The Best Italian Artisans all under one roof


La Repubblica, December 18th: Christmas Ideas. Responsible, cultured or artisanal: the way Christmas Gift outruns crisis. 

La Repubblica Roma: “In carta (e porta a casa)”, art made of our newspaper journal

Avvenire, November 18th: Craftsmanship in Pink, a showcase on the web

Corriere della Sera, November 3rd: The choice of LeArtigiane: where passion meets business

Il Messaggero, June 24th: Recycling, a feminine art. In Torre Argentina Bruna and Livia turn old into new

Noi Donne: Le Artigiane have found a new home

Noi Donne, April: Enterpreneurs and artists

TG2, March 27th: Scarti d’Autore

Corriere della Sera, February 24th: When Records become bags

Nuok: Le Artigiane: handmade in pink

Il Sostenibile: Seven Years of “Scarti d’autore”: back in Rome an exhibit upon the art of recycling

Italia Straordinaria: Le Artigiane

My Best Place:


TG2: Scarti d’autore

Blog Dolce Vita: Shopping in Rome: women’s design shop

06 Blog: Curious shops in Rome: women’s craftsmanship in Torre Argentina with

Fashion Mag:, low cost artisanal studios, space for creativity

Eccellenze italiane: space for creativity, here come low cost studios

Luxor Magazine: Le Artigiane

Ecoblog: Roma in paper: furniture, clothing and jewels made of recycled paper in the whole Capital


La Repubblica, October 24th: “Fuori dal coro” with jewel brooches and embroided skirts Looking for Craftsmanship… Fuori dal coro!

Rainews24: Scarti d’Autore

Italiano doc: Fuori dal Coro in the new space of


Rainews24: Scarti d’Autore

Rainews24: Roma Souvenir, city and green


Il Tempo, May 28th: Exhibit: craftsmanship in pink: in Villa Mondragone the best handmade crafts Made in Italy

Il Messaggero, May 27th: Culture, art and performances in Grottaferrata, Frascati e Monte Porzio

Corriere della Sera, May 27th: Le Artigiane

romac’è, May 24th: Le Artigiane in Villa Mondragone, May 17th: Roma: Le Artigiane, an exhibit in Villa Mondragone

Adnkronos, May 17th: Roma: Le Artigiane, an exhibit in Villa Mondragone

Il Tempo, May 10th: Showcases

dol’s Il sito delle donne online: An exhibit-market for women: “ in the Tuscolane Villas” in Villa Mondragone. From 26th to 28th May in Roma


La Repubblica, November 29th: Recycling Art and jewels

Giornale Radio Rai, November 28th: Re-discovering craftsmanship

Specchio, November: Time to recycle

Corriere della Sera, October 25th: Necklaces made of berries, paper-made clothing: Recycling art in via Giulia

Il Tempo, October 25th: Bracelets made with forks: the magic of recycling

Leggo, October 24th: Artigiane, fantasy runs online

Metro, October 24th: Bio-jewels: an exhibit

Ansa, October 24th: Environment: the launch of an exhibit upon recycling

Omniroma, October 24th: Municipio I, today starts an exhibition on «The Magic of recycling»

La Repubblica, October 23rd: Recycling and art, from bio-jewels to saper-made skirts

Il Messaggero, October 22nd: An elegant suit? It’s made of newspaper. In via Giulia handmade, broken glass and jewels made of berries

Il Tempo, October 22nd: When newspapers become an elegant suit

Corriere della Sera, October 21st: 30 craftswomen, recycling and nature-inspired jewels

Leggo, October 21st: Recycling is an art, October 21st: Rome, creativity triumphs with the Art of Recycling

Ansa, October 21st: In via Giulia to learn the art of recycling

Il Messaggero, June 3rd: Artisanal is women. Starting a new exhibit

Il Resto del Carlino, June 3rd: Craftswomen at Collegio Raffaello

Trova Roma, May 19th: In the Tusculane villas a weekend of games

romac’è, May 18th: Water, green, art and taste

La Gazzetta dell’Antiquariato, May 2005: Le artigiane of Lazio in Villa Mondragone


Itinerari Lazio, October-November: An award for art and the work of 50 craftsmen and women

Porta Portese, September 18th: Le Artigiane in Palazzo Medici Clarelli

Il Messaggero, June 13th: 60 craftswomen of Lazio make jewels, clothes and compositions in Villa Mondragone, Monte Porzio

Il Giornale, June 12th: Monte Porzio Catone. Crafstmanship in pink

Porta Portese, June 11th: Le in the Tusculane Villas

romac’è, June 9th: Le Artigiane

Nuovo Oggi Castelli, June 8th: An exhibit by «Le» in the Tusculane Villas

Ansa, June 8th: Craftsmanship: an exhibition in Villa Mondragone, Monte Porzio Catone

Il Tempo, June 8th: Craftsman and women of Lazio

Adnkronos, June 8th: Craftsmanship and handmade: the works of entrepreneurs in Villa Mondragone

La gazzetta dell’antiquariato, June: in the Tusculane Villas

Sviluppo Lazio, Special Newsletter May 31st / Newsletter 14/10/2004: An award for Art and work

Il Tempo, March 3rd: From the studio to the web

PWA Professional Women Association: Newsletter March 3rd


Marieclaire, September: Web women. Manager on line

Famiglia Cristiana, July 2nd: E-business born from the original idea of two friends

Anna, May 12th: www.artigiane

Casamia, May: Internet: chosen for you

Pc World, May:

L’una, April 2nd: Bruna Pietropaoli and Livia Carchella

e-businet, April: Artisans and enterpreneurs

L’una, April: Artisans in the world

Panorama, March 30th: Parlors to scrap: the law of new economy

Io Donna, March 25th: Two married women in their fourties, two children and an idea: leave their job and open a website

dol’s, March 17th: An online shopping window for every woman

La Repubblica web, March 9th: New enterprises: the IBM Award 

La Stampa, March 8th: Internet will change Italy

Corriere della Sera, March 8: Marketing, medicine and craftsmanship: «That’s how we got ahold of the web»

Italia Oggi, February 28th: Nine ideas online. The winners of Ibm e-business award

Donna Moderna, February 2nd: Internet: this is how women find a new job

Sedicinews, February 22nd: an online shop for handmade

Ondanet, January: Two women realize an ambitious dream: leave the studio and get online


La Nazione, December 21st: Women, an online school for enterpreneurship

Corriere della Sera, December 18th: Women and the web: a club for Le artigiane

La Stampa, December 11th: Gowns via internet