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LeArtigiane.it is an adventure that started on Christmas Eve, 1999 by Livia Carchella and Bruna Pietropaoli. It was an ambitious project born right when the market was changing. After only a few days, their dream was realized when an e-mail reached their inbox—a gentle message, full of enthusiasm: "Knock-knock...can I come in?" That's how a 30-year-old craftswoman asked to join the club. To Livia and Bruna, this was an unmistakable sign. After a while, they received their first online purchase, and then the E-business Award from IBM. Soon, the number of artisans and creative women interested in joining this adventure increased. This website became an ideal shop and hub for many women—not just Italians, but anyone who wants to be fashionable and far from banality or homogeneity in style.


Born in Rome, degree in Economics. Married, two sons. Zodiac sign Virgin.


Born in Rome, degree in Psychology. Married, two daughters. Zodiac sign Pisces.

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E-Business Award IBM
Arte e Lavoro
Assessorato della Regione Lazio