LEARTIGIANE: 18 years of press in a page!

Blogs, travel guides, TV, newspapers: relive our story through the years and the articles. 


Rete 4 “Parola di Pollice verde”- Laborviridis and its lab, June 17th

wwworkersCamp Italian Chamber of Deputies, June 8th 

Millionaire, May

Metro, March 22


Riddle Magazine: Rome’s Fine Fashionable Crafts

GP Magazine, May: Le Artigiane

Dailygreen: Le Artigiane, a new concept of sustainable fashion

Wonder Where to Stay: Le Artigiane – Art and Craftsmanship

Economy and Management Thesis: Craftsmanship and responsible consume habits. Case Study: LeArtigiane


The Sunday Time, Travel, dicembre: Have passport, will shop Contemporary art in artisanal places: Takeawaygallery and Le Artigiane

Delicious Italy: A Christmas Shopping Itinerary in Rome

DOVE: year 25, n.5 may 2015

Eating Italy. Travel Guide and Blog Eating Italy Food Tours: How to Have an Authentic Italian Experience


Lonely Planet: page 15, 55, 113 of the Rome Guide. And online.

Newton Compton: 365 unforgettable days to live in Rome. Discover the everyday beauty of the Eternal City, by Fiore Coltellacci Giulia

IO Donna, Roma: Holiday Agenda

Un sardo in giro: Christmas Gifts: where to buy in Rome

Radio Colonna: Le Artigiane. A space for italian artisanal products. Craftsmanship, creativity and enterprise

Golconda Arte: Rome – Le Artigiane, a women’s showroom 

Delicious Italy: Le Artigiane, Italian Crafts Showroom, Rome

Il Messaggero, March 28th: A private stando of Made in Italy for Obama’s Presidential Delegation

Love Rome: Craftsmanship: between modern and tradition


Go 2 Rome: Art of shopping in the Capital: artisanal labs and innovative ateliers 

Find Roma: Le Artigiane

Japan Italy Travel: レ・アルティジャーネ Le Artigiane

La Repubblica, July 9th: Women enterprises in Italy Artistic Recycling, exhibit and web contest

NegOziando: A guide to the best 500 shops in Rome, between Pantheon and piazza Navona

Ninja Marketing: 10 times business – creatività issue: the heritage of 2012

Look like a model by Tamara D’Andria: The Best Italian Artisans all under one roof


La Repubblica, December 18th: Christmas Ideas. Responsible, cultured or artisanal: the way Christmas Gift outruns crisis. 

La Repubblica Roma: “In carta (e porta a casa)”, art made of our newspaper journal

Avvenire, November 18th: Craftsmanship in Pink, a showcase on the web

Corriere della Sera, November 3rd: The choice of LeArtigiane: where passion meets business

Il Messaggero, June 24th: Recycling, a feminine art. In Torre Argentina Bruna and Livia turn old into new

Noi Donne: Le Artigiane have found a new home

Noi Donne, April: Enterpreneurs and artists

TG2, March 27th: Scarti d’Autore

Corriere della Sera, February 24th: When Records become bags

Nuok: Le Artigiane: handmade in pink

Il Sostenibile: Seven Years of “Scarti d’autore”: back in Rome an exhibit upon the art of recycling

Italia Straordinaria: Le Artigiane

My Best Place:


TG2: Scarti d’autore

Blog Dolce Vita: Shopping in Rome: women’s design shop

06 Blog: Curious shops in Rome: women’s craftsmanship in Torre Argentina with

Fashion Mag:, low cost artisanal studios, space for creativity

Eccellenze italiane: space for creativity, here come low cost studios

Luxor Magazine: Le Artigiane

Ecoblog: Roma in paper: furniture, clothing and jewels made of recycled paper in the whole Capital


La Repubblica, October 24th: “Fuori dal coro” with jewel brooches and embroided skirts Looking for Craftsmanship… Fuori dal coro!

Rainews24: Scarti d’Autore

Italiano doc: Fuori dal Coro in the new space of


Rainews24: Scarti d’Autore

Rainews24: Roma Souvenir, city and green


Il Tempo, May 28th: Exhibit: craftsmanship in pink: in Villa Mondragone the best handmade crafts Made in Italy

Il Messaggero, May 27th: Culture, art and performances in Grottaferrata, Frascati e Monte Porzio

Corriere della Sera, May 27th: Le Artigiane

romac’è, May 24th: Le Artigiane in Villa Mondragone, May 17th: Roma: Le Artigiane, an exhibit in Villa Mondragone

Adnkronos, May 17th: Roma: Le Artigiane, an exhibit in Villa Mondragone

Il Tempo, May 10th: Showcases

dol’s Il sito delle donne online: An exhibit-market for women: “ in the Tuscolane Villas” in Villa Mondragone. From 26th to 28th May in Roma


La Repubblica, November 29th: Recycling Art and jewels

Giornale Radio Rai, November 28th: Re-discovering craftsmanship

Specchio, November: Time to recycle

Corriere della Sera, October 25th: Necklaces made of berries, paper-made clothing: Recycling art in via Giulia

Il Tempo, October 25th: Bracelets made with forks: the magic of recycling

Leggo, October 24th: Artigiane, fantasy runs online

Metro, October 24th: Bio-jewels: an exhibit

Ansa, October 24th: Environment: the launch of an exhibit upon recycling

Omniroma, October 24th: Municipio I, today starts an exhibition on «The Magic of recycling»

La Repubblica, October 23rd: Recycling and art, from bio-jewels to saper-made skirts

Il Messaggero, October 22nd: An elegant suit? It’s made of newspaper. In via Giulia handmade, broken glass and jewels made of berries

Il Tempo, October 22nd: When newspapers become an elegant suit

Corriere della Sera, October 21st: 30 craftswomen, recycling and nature-inspired jewels

Leggo, October 21st: Recycling is an art, October 21st: Rome, creativity triumphs with the Art of Recycling

Ansa, October 21st: In via Giulia to learn the art of recycling

Il Messaggero, June 3rd: Artisanal is women. Starting a new exhibit

Il Resto del Carlino, June 3rd: Craftswomen at Collegio Raffaello

Trova Roma, May 19th: In the Tusculane villas a weekend of games

romac’è, May 18th: Water, green, art and taste

La Gazzetta dell’Antiquariato, May 2005: Le artigiane of Lazio in Villa Mondragone


Itinerari Lazio, October-November: An award for art and the work of 50 craftsmen and women

Porta Portese, September 18th: Le Artigiane in Palazzo Medici Clarelli

Il Messaggero, June 13th: 60 craftswomen of Lazio make jewels, clothes and compositions in Villa Mondragone, Monte Porzio

Il Giornale, June 12th: Monte Porzio Catone. Crafstmanship in pink

Porta Portese, June 11th: Le in the Tusculane Villas

romac’è, June 9th: Le Artigiane

Nuovo Oggi Castelli, June 8th: An exhibit by «Le» in the Tusculane Villas

Ansa, June 8th: Craftsmanship: an exhibition in Villa Mondragone, Monte Porzio Catone

Il Tempo, June 8th: Craftsman and women of Lazio

Adnkronos, June 8th: Craftsmanship and handmade: the works of entrepreneurs in Villa Mondragone

La gazzetta dell’antiquariato, June: in the Tusculane Villas

Sviluppo Lazio, Special Newsletter May 31st / Newsletter 14/10/2004: An award for Art and work

Il Tempo, March 3rd: From the studio to the web

PWA Professional Women Association: Newsletter March 3rd


Marieclaire, September: Web women. Manager on line

Famiglia Cristiana, July 2nd: E-business born from the original idea of two friends

Anna, May 12th: www.artigiane

Casamia, May: Internet: chosen for you

Pc World, May:

L’una, April 2nd: Bruna Pietropaoli and Livia Carchella

e-businet, April: Artisans and enterpreneurs

L’una, April: Artisans in the world

Panorama, March 30th: Parlors to scrap: the law of new economy

Io Donna, March 25th: Two married women in their fourties, two children and an idea: leave their job and open a website

dol’s, March 17th: An online shopping window for every woman

La Repubblica web, March 9th: New enterprises: the IBM Award 

La Stampa, March 8th: Internet will change Italy

Corriere della Sera, March 8: Marketing, medicine and craftsmanship: «That’s how we got ahold of the web»

Italia Oggi, February 28th: Nine ideas online. The winners of Ibm e-business award

Donna Moderna, February 2nd: Internet: this is how women find a new job

Sedicinews, February 22nd: an online shop for handmade

Ondanet, January: Two women realize an ambitious dream: leave the studio and get online


La Nazione, December 21st: Women, an online school for enterpreneurship

Corriere della Sera, December 18th: Women and the web: a club for Le artigiane

La Stampa, December 11th: Gowns via internet